Bringing Your Bible Study to Life

How group role playing can change the way we view Bible stories.

To make your Bible study come alive, try role-playing. Ask group members to assume the roles of characters of the Bible story under discussion. Other group members will direct questions to the protagonists. Encourage questions that:

  • Stir imagination: What was your life like before … ?

  • Explore emotion:How did you feel when … ?

  • Examine thoughts:What did you think when … ?

  • Uncover results:How did your life change after … ?

In considering the death and raising of Lazarus, these questions might be directed to the following individuals:

  • Lazarus: How was your health up until the time this sickness came over you? Describe the symptoms of your sickness. How did you feel after your sisters sent word to Jesus? What was your last thought before your death? How has your experience changed your attitude toward life and death?

  • Mary: When you sent word to Jesus, what did you expect would happen? How did you feel when Lazarus grew worse and Jesus did not come? Why did you stay at home when Martha went to meet Jesus? What was your reaction when Jesus began to weep?

  • Martha: What did you do between the time you sent for Jesus and His arrival? What was your attitude toward Jesus when He finally arrived? What did you expect would happen when the men removed the stone from the tomb? How did your life change after your brother returned to life?

  • Jesus: Why didn't you go to Lazarus as soon as you heard he was sick? Martha and Mary both said the same thing when they saw you; how were their attitudes different? Why did you weep with Mary when you knew you would soon raise Lazarus from the dead?

Instead of involving only the most vocal members, group role paying allows every member to participate. It also encourages a more in-depth ...

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