You're Just Not Ready

Top 10 ways to know for sure your apprentice/intern isn't ready to lead on their own.

10. Can't tell the difference between a Bible and an Amaway catalog.

  • Steve Gillham,: East Whittier United Methodist Church, CA

9. When your apprentice is desprately trying to aim his headlites duirng the first 15 mins of group.

  • Sean E Mcleod, Vcf Redding

8. Keeps removing the empty chair "since no one's sitting there."

  • Kimberly Holt, Good Shepherd Lutheran; Raleigh, NC

7. Places signs in lawn encouraging group members to vote for him.

  • Martin Burch, Mill Creek Community Church, Shawnee, KS

6. Refuses to prepare for Bible study, but spends hours each week coordinating refreshments for the group's meetings.

  • Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

5. He autographs photos of himself to give out to future group members.

  • Glenn Frank,: His Place Christian Fellowship, Huntington Beach CA

4. Keeps referring to small group meeting as "community service time" when
talking with parole officer.

  • Martin Burch, Mill Creek Community Church, Shawnee, KS

3. His response to every comment with is not in line with his: "Wrong! Try again."

  • Allen White, New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA

2. The last time she brought drinks to the group, she got her arm caught in the Coke machine.

  • Pat Kendall, Hope Presbyterian, Cordova, Tennessee

1. Tells you she can't make a decision of that magnitude until she first checks with her astrologer.

  • Len Woods, Christ Community Church, Ruston, LA

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