Where's the Youth Group?

We had to undergo transition as people decided a cell church wasn't really what they thought it would be.

Even though we started purposefully as a pure cell church at Acts 2 Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we've still had to undergo transition as people decided that a cell church isn't really what they thought it was. (Where are the midweek services, the military ministry, and the youth group?) Our vision at first was to have the youth go with the parents to cell group. This didn't work, primarily because many of the high school students parents don't come to church. So we started a youth cell group. It functions exactly as any other cell group would—icebreaker, worship, sharing, challenging. But usually the icebreakers are games, not questions.

The youth cell was the first to successfully multiply. The first group leaders, a young married couple (25 years old) started their group with assistant leaders already in place, my wife and I, 22 years old. We multiplied in January after growing from 8 to 20. In the past 5 months we've baptized four kids, two of whom are newly saved.

We've visited other youth groups, and I can say with certainty that our kids are more on fire, walking closer with God, and impacting their schools better than any other youth groups out there. It's because the cell groups get rid of all the hype and show of a traditional youth group, and get down to the nitty-gritty.

We have one kid who just recently quit doing drugs, three who are trying to quit smoking, and others dealing with relationships, depression, and other situations—but their lives are being changed. Since multiplication, our groups have seen some growth, a dozen new people have visited, but average attendance between the two is about 24. I attended a traditional youth group throughout high school, and I am absolutely sold on having ...

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