Reach Out With Recovery

Recovery groups are powerful tools for meeting needs.

The church I serve uses the slogan, "Central Christian Church … Where Needs are Met." It is often very difficult to live up to this slogan. We live in a community where the breadth and depth of needs are often staggering.

Most communities could be described the same way. They are filled with people who are struggling with life-controlling issues.

For example, one of every four families in American neighborhoods and churches live every day with the pain of alcoholism. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many problems that keeps its grip on the lives of people.

Recovery groups are one way the church can meet these pressing needs and minister to others. I believe this is an open door for the church, a fantastic opportunity to show the love of Christ.

I remember talking to one young father who had been to one of our recovery groups. He had been in recovery for almost a year.

"I used to be so ashamed of my life," he said. "One of my greatest fears was that my children might grow up to be like me."

He spoke of the transforming power of Christ and how the church supported and encouraged him during his greatest need. He concluded by saying, "As I grow and become more like Christ, I can now truthfully say that I hope my children grow up to be like me."

Recovery groups usually use books or workbooks that are typically identified as "12-step" materials. Many Christian publishers publish Christ-centered 12-step books and resources that are appropriate for church-sponsored recovery groups. These materials are used for a wide variety of recovery groups. Some examples of specific groups are Alcoholics Anonymous, Al Anon., co-dependency, eating disorders, survivors of sexual abuse, divorce recovery, dysfunctional families, recovery ...

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