Praying House by House

Prayer walks can be a powerful evangelism tool for cell groups.

One of the key dynamics of cell churches is outreach to communities of which they are a part. The most powerful outreach is always grounded in prayer.

On Sunday, September 24, 1997, churches in New Zealand mobilized in a national Prayer Walk for their communities, praying for each house as they walk through the streets of the cities, towns, and villages.

At each house a leaflet was left. It simply says "we are praying for you" on one side and offers prayer for anyone who requests it. The names and contact addresses of local community churches are also included.

On the other side there is a message: "Today, the Christians of this area are praying street by street and home by home in Jesus' name for God to bless each person and household. We are linking with thousands of other Christians across the nation to pray in this way. We are looking for God to help with His solutions in the face of the many difficulties in our nation and we are praying for the good of this community.

"The Bible asks us to pray for all people in every place. Our street by street and home by home prayers are a response to that.

"Having seen God answer prayer in our own lives, we would like to offer prayer to you and your family.

"We would be very happy to pray for your specific prayer needs—anonymously if you wish. Simply send this leaflet, listing your prayer needs to the address overleaf."

As we are in a rural area and prayer walking is not feasible except in built-up areas, we encouraged people in more rural parts to drive around and pray. Each of our cells has been encouraged to make this a priority for Sunday afternoon.

Our cells are part of a Christian community—this is a way of reaching out to the wider community of which our cells as part ...

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