Prayer Walking

I wanted to drop a few pounds; I also wanted to pray for my neighbors.

I wanted to drop a few pounds. I also wanted to pray for my neighbors. So I decided to combine exercise and prayer. I chose walking because it leaves my mind free to focus on the Lord.

If you'd like to try prayer walking, keep these ideas in mind.

  • Begin by praying that God will be glorified in your neighborhood.
  • Begin by walking alone. Walking with a friend may be more fun, but you'll likely end up doing more talking than praying. (Later, you can prayer walk with the entire group.)
  • Pray for needs you're aware of. For example, if you know a family is having marital problems, bring their marriage before the Lord as you walk past their home.
  • Pray for opportunities to meet neighbors. Once you've met them, pray the relationship will thrive.
  • When you notice a home for sale or rent, ask God to put the people of His choice there, and to prepare you for ministry to them.
  • Warmly greet the people you see when you're out walking.
  • Take your family with you occasionally. Your children will learn to pray, and your family life will be strengthened.

I haven't lost any weight since I started prayer walking, but I've gotten into better shape spiritually. I am more aware of needs in my neighborhood and have seen some positive results. Prayer walking is a low threat, no cost way to influence my neighborhood for Christ.

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