Intergenerational Cell Groups

Every child can live a full Christian life.
Child: "May I come to your cell today To see you worship, sing and pray?"

Adult: "You wouldn't find it any fun. When you are older, you may come"

from "The Unwelcome Child" by Lorna Jenkins

Sadly, most of us have looked at children in small groups the same way this poem does: as a logistical nightmare. But it doesn't have to be that way. Although parents have the primary responsibility of nurturing, discipling and equipping their children, we recognize the church body and in particular, cell groups are the extended spiritual family of every child. Their responsibility is to encourage and support the natural family.

Every child can live a full Christian life. They are capable of praying effectively, worshipping in Spirit and truth, and are able to receive the Holy Spirit and operate in His gifts. They should be prepared for spiritual attacks and able to present the Gospel to other children and adults. They should also be equipped to serve and able to model Christ to those around them.

An Intergenerational Cell Group (IGC) is the same as any other cell group except there are children in the group. These children are considered to be full and active members. When planning, their needs and desires are to be taken into account with those of the adults in the group. The leader must consider how children may actively participate, and in some cases lead in the icebreaker, worship, prayer time, and communion.

Kid's Slot Most children will not sit through a discussion that centers around adult needs. Therefore, it is likely that a kid's slot should be developed to take place during that portion of the meeting. Of course, individual cell groups must determine for themselves how the Kid's Slots are put together. This should always be accompanied ...

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