Getting to the Neighbors

Top 10 ways to alienate your host's neighbors.

10. Small group tests the "Jericho Principle" by walking around the neighbor's house.

  • David Craker, Sonrise at Aboite UMC

9. Erect 50 foot lighted sign that reads "Small Group Meets Here —>"

  • David Craker, Sonrise at Aboite UMC

8. Ask them to watch your kids while you are in group.

  • Fred Spivey, West End Assembly of God

7. Play joke on small group members by putting a sign on the front door
that says "Tonight's meeting has been moved next door."

  • David Craker, Sonrise at Aboite UMC

6. Ask them to do valet parking for you.

  • Craig McClun,: Christ Community Church

5. Forward host's telephone to the neighbor's so your small group meeting
is not disturbed.

  • David Craker, Sonrise at Aboite UMC

4. Tell them you just finished your small group time next door and that they should probably contact their attorney.

  • Craig McClun,: Christ Community Church

3.As an activity for the outreach group, everyone keeps going over to say
they want to borrow something.

  • Andy Peper, Northeast church of Christ

2.Each week ring the neighbors bell, and ask for directions to the Host's home.

  • James E. Carver, Ephrata First UMC

1. Ask if your group can meet in his house, "just until we repair the damage from last week's meeting."

  • Martin Burch, Mill Creek Community Church, Shawnee, KS

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