Caroling and Candy Canes

Help spread the word for your church's holiday service.

Does your church hold a cantata or special service to celebrate Christmas? If so, your small group can help spread the word to people who might not otherwise attend a church function during Christmas time.

You'll need:

  • a plentiful supply of candy canes
  • homemade gift tags
  • tape
  • song sheets
  • enthusiastic carollers.

If you can recruit other small groups to participate, you can cover more neighborhoods. If your small group is going it alone, plan to carol in the neighborhood closest to your church.

Schedule your night of carolling a week before your church's Christmas program.

Early in December, purchase enough candy canes to distribute to the homes you visit. Estimate three or four people per household. In lieu of your typical small-group meeting, spend an evening cutting homemade gift tags from red and green construction paper. On one side, write out a verse (perhaps Is. 9:6, Lk. 2:10-11, or Jn. 3:16). On the other side, write an invitation to your church's Christmas service, giving the essential information plus the church's phone number. (You may want to type the verses and invitations into a computer and print them in bulk. Just cut them to size and glue them to gift tags.) Tape a gift tag to each candy cane.

While you prepare the candy canes, distribute song sheets of some familiar Christmas carols. You'll only need about six songs since you'll be singing some of the same songs over again as you move throughout the neighborhood. The important thing is to give group members time to refresh their memories of the lyrics since it's hard to read song sheets in the dark! While you're making gift tags, you can rehearse.

After your carolling, meet at a group member's home for hot drinks and cookies and to pray for the people to whom you've ...

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