The Art of Invitation

Not sure how to invite people to your group? Here are some tips.

Several people in Darryl's group have moved away and now the group is down to five people. He wants to bring new life to the group. Darryl's not really sure where to start in inviting new people.

What should Darryl do?

In the ancient Roman Empire, it was said that "all roads lead to Rome." In small groups, it seems that all roads lead to mission. How can Darryl even think about adding people to his group until he knows what his group is?

The departure of these members actually gives Darryl a wonderful opportunity to get his group back on track. He needs to sit down with the remaining members and decide "what kind of group are we?" If I were in his place, I'd schedule a time shortly after the last movers move, or a separate potluck and discussion even before they move. Those moving don't need to be at this meeting, and in fact, it would be better not to have their influence. This is a decision that needs to be made by those remaining.

At this meeting, the group can discuss their mission. Are they meeting for discipleship or relationship? Do they do Bible study by "sprinkling" or by "immersion?" Do they have a social action or ministry goal? Do they want to evangelize or harmonize? Do they want to have an empty chair or a closed group? Do they intend to multiply in a year or two or stay together until death do us part?

They can also discuss what they've liked and disliked about the existing group. Did it move too quickly or too slowly? Did each member feel included and valued? Were there problems they don't want to add or increase, such a child care, meeting time conflicts, or location constraints?

Once they've reached a consensus, which may take more than one meeting, they can write up the agreement as a group covenant. They ...

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