Vulnerability: Leaders Set the Pace!

If you want your small group to go to the next level, you have to lead the way.

I recently talked with a cell leader who was afraid to be real with his cell group. "If they knew I had these type of struggles, they would never respect me." In truth, just the opposite is true. I have found when cell leaders open up and share what is really going on in their life: good, bad, and ugly, rather than being repulsed by it, group members are drawn to the leader. They are struggling with the same types of difficulties in their effort to walk with Christ and knowing you struggle (and still love God) gives them hope!

In Philippians 2:12 Paul tells us to "continue to work out your salvation." This is not a verse about getting more saved, but rather a challenge to us that accepting Christ as our Savior is only the beginning. The process of sanctification is the act of learning to be more and more obedient to Christ in our lives. But that is not a straight road of constant ascent! Rather it is winding and filled with ups and downs. God is not evaluating us on the level of our performance. No! Instead He is rooting for us as we strive to learn obedience day by day, step by step. But as we go we fall and fail and have to be helped up again and again. That is why we need one another! But too often we aren't of help to each other because we're all hiding, pretending like we don't have any real struggles.

It is interesting that the "you's" in Philippians 2 are all plural. So when Paul says for us to work out our salvation, it is not a plea to individuals, but to a group. The cell is where sanctification can really happen—if we will be real with one another. But for that to happen, it is up to you, the cell leader, to have the courage to model honest and vulnerable sharing before your cell members. Do it! You might ...

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