Twelve Principles of Cell-Celebration Churches

Principles that will help small groups thrive in your church.

1. Prayer - Prayer is foundational to the life and growth of the church.
Result - There is a growing understanding of the critical part prayer plays in accessing spiritual power and in hearing God. Intercessors are mobilized and prayer is a vital component of every church meeting.

2. Integration - Disciple-making small groups are the basic building blocks of the church.
Result - There is a system of cells that is in line with the vision and values of the church.

3. Division of Labor - Pastoral leaders are allowed to lead and members are given the work of the ministry.
Result - pastoral care is done by cell leaders and direction of the church is discerned by the elders.

4. Obedience - Being the church is more important than holding on to traditions.
Result - Programs, ministries, and cells that are not productive are dissolved.

5. Celebrations - The gathering of the cells for celebration is vital to the health of the cells and the growth of the church.
Result- Corporate celebrations of our life in Christ occur on a regular basis.

6. 3-Fold Function - Healthy cell groups fulfill a three- fold function of evangelism, pastoral care and leadership development.
Result - Because of cells, people are won to Christ, people are cared for, and more leaders emerge.

7. Leadership Development - Leadership development through apprenticing, training, and coaching is a primary function of the leadership of the church.
Result - Considerable effort is poured into the development of leaders.

8. Multiplication - The cell groups are designed with the ability to multiply into more groups as they grow in size.
Result - There is an expanding network of cells that incorporate newcomers and raise up leadership.

9. Spiritual Development - New Christians need to be ...

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