Teaching Styles to Avoid

To be effective teachers, we need to capitalize on our strengths and minimize our weaknesses.

Every small group leader is unique—equipped by God with a one-of-a-kind combination of personality type, strengths, built-in weaknesses, and natural teaching style. To be effective teachers, we need to capitalize on our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. But we also need to remember that every strength has a corresponding weakness. Certain tendencies can detract from the mission we are trying to accomplish.

Do you see yourself in any of the following small group leader types?

Linda Lecture

Linda loves to talk (and, maybe, even hear herself talk). She's usually very knowledgeable, and so she has good things to say. But let's face it—in the day of 22 minute sit-coms and short attention spans (thanks, MTV!) not even great orators can win and maintain a lengthy hearing. Communication experts agree this style, used exclusively, is the least effective way to impart life-changing truth.

Sheila Sharetime

Sheila loves to get everyone involved. She wants folks to verbalize their innermost thoughts and feelings. The upside of her approach is that people feel listened to and affirmed; the downside is that all sorts of emotions and interpretations end up "dumped" on the table and few conclusions are reached. Lots of times people go home confirmed in their own (sometimes wrong!) opinions and attitudes.

Hank Hobbyhorse

Hank, bless his heart, has a burden for prayer (or missions or worship or discipleship or … pick a topic). And so he somehow has the uncanny ability to find that particular topic in every passage of Scripture. How is the story of Zaccheus about prayer? Answer: It's not. While Hank's zeal is commendable, his eisegesis (reading into the text) is not.

Bonnie Bunnytrail

Because of her easy-going style and laid-back, ...

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