Over the Edge

Top 10 signs your leader has gone over the edge.

10. Fund raisers become his main source of income.

  • Aaron Beckner, Billings Bible Church

9. To illustrate Acts Chapter 2, he actually sets members hair on fire.

  • Dan Hazen, Allen Creek Community Church

8. He starts a teaching series on the topic of "Why won't people listen to what I'm saying?"

  • Glenn Frank, His Place Christian Fellowship, Huntington Beach, CA

7. The Leader follows the members around secretly and shows weekly video clips during group.

  • Richard C. Jackson, NorthWoods Community Church

6. He starts teaching heresy - just to see if anyone notices the difference!

  • Glenn Frank, His Place Christian Fellowship, Huntington Beach, CA

5. Says he's going to read from the book of John and begins reading liner notes from the Beatles "White Album".

  • Dan Hazen, Allen Creek Community Church

4. When it's your group's turn to set up the Worship Auditorium, your leader insists the chairs be arranged in 35 circles of 10.

  • Dave Dyche, McCarthy Baptist, St.Joseph, MO

3. Hums loudly and puts fingers in ears whenever someone else offers to lead the discussion.

  • Martin Burch, Your Church: Mill Creek Community Church

2. In the interest of shorter discussions, puts Ex-Lax in the brownies.

  • Martin Burch, Mill Creek Community Church

1. She makes you write 100 x's on the presentation easel,"I will not show up late to SG meetings".

  • Patti Keegan, Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church

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