Handling The Holidays

Options for small group time over the busy holiday season.

With the holidays coming up, Darryl is starting to wonder what to do to "make the season bright." Everyone in the group is so busy with parties, musicals, gift buying, and other things that Darryl isn't sure whether he should try to convene the group for the next month and a half or not. The group would surely miss each other, but they're so busy, too.

What Can Darryl Do?

Darryl's right. The holidays wreck havoc on small groups, so it usually makes sense to go with the flow. If he tries to continue on the usual study schedule, he'll get a lot of "can't make it" calls. But just because he doesn't have a study doesn't mean that he can't promote some meaningful group time. Remember, God is not only the God of Bible study. He's also the God of fellowship, prayer, mission, community, and every other activity our groups might engage in. So what are some options?

  • A potluck and game night—pure fun!

  • An evening of extended sharing and prayer, especially prayer for those celebrating the holidays with non-Christian family members.

  • An evening of Christmas caroling through the neighborhood or at a shopping center, offering appropriate tracts to those who open their doors or stop to listen.

  • An afternoon of service at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or other ministry.

  • Attend a holiday concert or play together, then go out or back to someone's home for dessert.

  • A "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for children in a public housing project or low-income neighborhood.

  • A New Year's Day hot dog barbeque and football game extravaganza.

These ideas are just a start. Surely Darryl's group members can come up with other ideas that fit their group, their mission, their lifestyles, and their budgets. The key is to make a decision now and get it on ...

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