Top 10 worst ways to celebrate Halloween.

10. Tell prospective members, "We are meeting at the group leaders house this week, because it's already haunted."

  • Wayne Loden, Your Church: Colonial Hills Baptist Church

9. Teach about "loving your neighbor" - with the house lights out - pretending no one is home - as kids come "trick or treating."

  • Glenn Frank, His Place Christian Fellowship, Huntington Beach, CA

8. Host a "Trick or Treat" alternative "Costume Bingo Bash".

  • Patti Keegan, Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church

7. pass out to your group last year's halloween candy & tell them it's new.

  • tom kwan, first chinese baptist church, los angeles, ca

6. Watch any movie that has more than 3 sequels.

  • Kyle Horner, Come Alive NT Church, Medford NJ

5. T.P the Pastor's trees.

  • Michael Mack, Bethany Christian Church

4. Pumkin on the steeple.

  • Rob Vellinga, First Christian Reformed of Guelph

3. Call kids who come to the door to trick or treat "godless pagan infidels."

  • Martin Burch, Mill Creek Community Church

2. As a group, decide which group member most resembles a ghoul… or a ghost… or a witch.

  • Roland Mossberg, Faith Covenant Church, Farmington Hills, MI

1. Dress up like Martin Luther and go around the neighborhood tacking scriptures to people's doors.

  • Regan L. Barr, River Hills Christian Church

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