Developing Your Apprentice

An easy guide to selecting, training, and sending apprentices in your church.

We live and die in the ministry based on the number of laborers in the harvest field. The Home Group structure not only provides a superior vehicle for providing quality care to every member in the church, it is also a fantastic leadership equipping environment where the burden of responsibility for the ministry is shared by many. Apprentices are a critical factor in the multiplication of Home Groups. Without them everything will grind to a screeching halt.

I. Why Developing Your Apprentice Is So Important

  • We cannot multiply groups unless we are actively raising up and multiplying leaders.
  • As we multiply groups we are multiplying our ability to care for people and make room to include those lost from Christ.

II. Selecting Your Apprentice

  • Prayer (Matthew 9:35-37; Luke 6:12-16) - Jesus needed His Fathers help due to his humanity; God can go places where we can't; helping us to see what might be hidden. This is the first and most important thing that a leader can do in selecting an apprentice for his group. Make a list of people you know who you think could fill the bill. Write down their names. It is amazing who the Lord may bring to your mind as you actually write out your list. The best apprentice for your group is usually someone with whom you already have a close affinity. Once you have identified who you think are your potential prospects, go back to step one and begin praying through your list. Ask God who He would have to be your apprentice. Pray first and you will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Faithfulness (2 Timothy 2:2) - reliable, trustworthy, tested, willing and able to give their life away to others, remembering that they will be required to provide care and leadership in the future to those in their group. ...

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