What Not to Do

Top 10 things a leader should not be doing 10 minutes before a meeting!

10. Eating your third spicy burrito or chili-cheese dog with extra onions or a big ole bowl of chili or the third chili dog of the evening
—Wayne Loden, Len Woods, Jay Firebaugh, Dan Smith

9. Attempting to rush order extra small group study guides from CBD
—Len Woods

8. Putting the finishing touches on your artwork for the study on the furniture in the Tabernacle
—Jay Firebaugh

7. Explaining to your childcare provider (who speaks almost no English) what 9-1-1 service is
—Len Woods

6. Trying to remember where you left your Bible last week
—Wayne Loden

5. Thinking up nifty answers for the Small Group Dynamics Top Ten Contest
—Dan Smith

4. Writing a brief summary of Antinomianism vs. Predestinational thinking for use in the icebreaker
—Steven Reames

3. Digging around in the closet looking for the Twister game
—Dan Smith

2. Thinking of ways to segue from your group's study of Daniel to your multi-level-marketing sales presentation
—Len Woods

1. Phoning "Dial a Prayer"
—Jay Firebaugh

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