What is Success For a Home Group?

Five key evaluation questions to ask at the end of a home group meeting.

When you conclude your Home Group, how do you know whether you have been successful? What is the standard of measurement? What are the primary objectives?

Five Key Evaluation Questions:

1) Did Caring Occur?

Would people say that you were more concerned about the people in the group than any other issues of the evening?

2) Are Lives Being Transformed?

The Home Group is the best environment for life transformation to take place. In the context of healthy relationships, people are more free to share openly regarding their struggles applying the Word of God to their lives on a daily basis.

3) Did People Have Significant Conversations?

Were people talking about "ministry", or were they "ministering"? Was there transparent conversation where people look one another in the eye and take time to know what is going on behind the scenes in one another's lives. Did people pray for one another?

4) Were new people present?

Were people concerned about praying for and filling the open chair?

5) Was the Truth Communicated?

Was the Bible used as the source for answers and insights? Did people take time to dig for the truth, or did they just share their good ideas? Was the truth lifted up, and then was their prayer regarding obedience to the known will of God?

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