Top Ten: You've Lost Control!

Top 10 signs the leader has lost control of a meeting.

10. After the worship time, your intern puts in a movie to watch. —Wayne Loden

9. The furloughed missionary you invited to your group to give a five-minute update from the field is saying, "God has really laid it on my heart to share with you a challenge from 2 Corinthians 7-9. I call this message 'The Ten Principles of Giving.'"—Len Woods

8. Two members are fist fighting over who's going to open the meeting in prayer.—Len Woods

7. The group has disintegrated into two camps who are chanting angrily at each other: "Regular!" "Decaff!" "Regular!" "Decaff!"—Len Woods

6. Members gaze into their crystals before answering any questions.—Wayne Loden

5. Members can't stop laughing at the host couple's friendly, frisky pooch who has a real affection for your right leg.—Len Woods

4. Members begin singing "Freebird"—Wayne Loden

3. Group members ignore your plea of "How 'bout we get started?" and continue arguing over whether to watch the Home Shopping Network or Monday Night Football.—Len Woods

2. After prayer time you open your eyes to find everyone in the kitchen eating again.—Wayne Loden

1. Members start doing the Macarena to the Twila Paris CD you've got playing in the background.—Len Woods

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