Fun with the Newsletter

Top 10 titles using the words cell or small in your church newsletter!

10. What's the Big Deal About Small Groups? (seen this one about a kazillion times!) —Michael Mack

9. Cell Mates —Glenn Frank

8. Cell-ing the Vision —Glenn Frank

7. Let's Get Small! (only Steve Martin fans will get it)—Michael Mack

6. Cellibates (a group for those who will never get married) —Michael Mack

5. This Week's "Cellebrity" (Cell Group Leader of the Week)—Michael Mack

4. Cell Your Soul —Glenn Frank

3. Cell-Fish (you know—like the old icthus sign) —Glenn Frank

2. Sickel-Cells (sickel, as in a symbol of the harvest) —Glenn Frank

1. Cellulite (a weight-loss group) —Michael Mack

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