Four Ways to Introduce Worship

It doesn't just have to be music.

Worship calls forth deep feeling, and wherever there are deep feelings, there will be some discomfort. A few simple steps will help you introduce worship in a more nonthreatening way.

Start with yourself. Explore ways you can be more worshipful. (Many books on personal worship are available at your local Christian store.) The best ideas for group worship will come from you as you learn how to worship God.

Go slowly. Start with a song or two, or the reading of a psalm. There is no need to push people when they are not ready to go. Over time, with good leadership, the group will relax and want to spend more time worshipping.

Involve the Group. Learn to use the different gifts in your group. If some have special music ability, use their talent to enhance worship through song. If someone loves the psalms or loves to share about God, let him or her lead parts of the group worship time. A grass-roots worship movement is much more inspiring than a leader-led worship movement. Let the people help each other worship God.

Keep it spontaneous. When people get used to something, they often stop thinking about what they are doing. If you sing the same songs week in and week out, you will stagnate. But if you utilize your group's creativity, there are hundreds of exciting worship ideas you can implement. You might memorize the Bible verses, have worship-oriented skits, or use rhythm instruments to lighten up the atmosphere. Allow worship to be an expression of your own dynamic relationship with and love for God.

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