Don't Call It That!

Top 10 worst titles for a small group study guide!

10. Anything for God: A Study of the Bravery and Obedience of Jonah —Shawn Means

9. Ruth: Strategies for Getting a Husband —Steven Reames

8. Discovering Your Lucky Spiritual Lotto Numbers. —Mark Frost

7. Sanballat the Horonite (Volume XLVII in the "Great Bible Characters" series) —Mark Frost

6. Women Are Dumb—Men Are Scum: A New Look at the Biblical Doctrine of Depravity —Len Woods

5. Pulpit Fiction —Mark Frost

4. Ordering Others Private Worlds —Wayne Loden

3. Cell and Tell: How To Share Secrets Told In Your Small Group With Your Whole Church —Wayne Loden

2. The "Single Women With Gifted Children Who Drive Sport-Utility Vehicles and Tend to Obsess About Working Too Much to Keep a Clean House" Group Discussion Guide —Mark Frost

1. Theology for Dummies —Len Woods

Honorable Mentions

  • Biblical Keys to Building Your Pet's Self-Esteem —Mark Frost
  • Cover The Bible, Open The Beer —Wayne Loden
  • The Serpent Told Me to Eat It!: Lame Excuses of the Bible —Shawn Means
  • New Testament Greek in Six Weeks: A Complete Course for Small Groups —Len Woods
  • Speed Read The Bible Before You Die —Wayne Loden
  • How To Build A Fireproof Compound For Your Small Group —Wayne Loden
  • Why Do Bad Things Happen In Small Groups? —Wayne Loden
  • How To Make Money With Your Small Group —Wayne Loden
  • Ninety Six Reasons Why the Rapture Will Happen in '96 —Len Woods

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