Dancing With Dinosaurs

Change, or die.

Dancing With Dinosaurs is a good, entry-level book regarding the need for churches to embrace the small groups / cells concept. Easum writes primarily to mainline churches stressing the need to change … or die!

Like the dinosaurs who became extinct because of their inability to adapt, the church will likely follow in its footsteps unless it is willing to radically alter how it operates. This change must occur mainly in our understanding of why the church exists altogether. Does the church exist to minister to its members or is the church here for the purpose of being equipped to make an impact on the nonbelieving world all around it? Are we missionaries or maintainers of programs and fascilities?

Easum believes we are at a unique "crack" in history when it is up to leaders to change the church. It's time for a second reformation! At this time it is imperative that leaders who aren't content with just maintaining the status quo step forward and lead. Such people willing to live on the fringe are the key in seeing the church transitioned. Perhaps this section is the most beneficial, as Easum gives us the characteristics of the type of men and women who will have what it takes to bring about such a change:

  • They are dissatisfied with ways of doing things in the church that don't work!
  • They can see what others can't see and aren't afraid to do what others say can't be done!
  • They are servant leaders.
  • They are analytical—gathering and analyzing all the data available for change to occur.
  • They go beyond their own denominations and organizations to seek information and ideas.
  • They have the courage to act. They're not afraid to lead the charge against tradition.
  • They master and teach excellence, innovation, and anticipation.
  • They are willing to bypass "good" things to give themselves to the most important tasks necessary to bring change (Easum relates this to practicing "Triage").

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