New Year's Resolutions for Your Group

What can your group resolve to accomplish next year?

Which of the following resolutions can your small group adopt in 1996?

  1. We will begin on time and end on time at every meeting this year.
  2. We will not miss a small group meeting except for sickness or other extenuating circumstances. (We miss you when you're not here.)
  3. We will take time to worship and praise God in our meetings.
  4. We will call one another regularly between meetings.
  5. We will take on a service or mission project together this year.
  6. We will each become more knowledgeable in the Scriptures this year, hiding God's Word in our hearts.
  7. We will support one another in times of need. We'll hold each other accountable for spiritual disciplines.
  8. We will go on a retreat or short-term mission trip together sometime this year.
  9. We will each pray for other group members and for the person who will fill our empty chair at least once a week.
  10. We will invite and bring new people, especially those who do not have a relationship with Jesus.
  11. We will help develop some of our group members into leaders or apprentice leaders of groups in our church.
  12. We will birth a new group next year.

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