Co-Leader Orientation Guide

Co-Leader Orientation Guide

A helpful overview for new co-leades

From facilitating the meeting to shepherding group members to handling conflict, small-group leaders have a lot of responsibilities. When you have a co-leader, you get to share the load with someone else, which is a huge blessing. But it may also raise a few new questions: How should we split up responsibilities? How should we handle disagreements? How should we communicate with one another?

Use this resource to make sure you're ready to co-lead your group. Get great tips on leading a life-changing group and help for navigating your co-leader relationship. If you're a coach or director, be sure to use this with your co-leader teams.

For a free sample from this resource, see The Basics of Facilitating.

Leader's Guide

Prepare for Your Role

Why Small Groups?
The reason behind intentional Christian community
By Carolyn Taketa

God's Foundation for Community Learning from the early church By Seth Widner

Co-Leaders Create Strong Groups
Your small group won't reach its full potential if you lead alone.
By Will Johnston

The Benefits of Co-Leaders
Two are better than one.
By Seth Widner

Job Description and Standards of Performance

Perform Your Role

Ministering with Others
Keep your co-leader team healthy
By Joel Comiskey

Married Couples: The Ultimate Small-Group Leader Team
The elements that make a good marriage also contribute to the success of a group.
By Lee A. Dean

The Basics of Facilitating
What every small-group leader needs to know
By Amy Jackson

First Night Survival Guide
Preparing for and leading your first meeting
By Will Johnston

Small Group Problem Solving
How to respond when people act up, act out, and ask tough questions
By Bay Area Fellowship


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3 Tips for Your First Meeting
3 Tips for Your First Meeting
Make your first group meeting a success.
Ask Follow-Up Questions to Facilitate Great Discussion
Ask Follow-Up Questions to Facilitate Great Discussion
Quick tips for keeping the discussion moving
Bring Focus to Your Small-Group Meetings
Bring Focus to Your Small-Group Meetings
Get more out of your meetings by narrowing your focus.
Train New Leaders
Train New Leaders
Everything you need to effectively train new leaders
What Small-Group Leaders Can Learn from Great Preachers
What Small-Group Leaders Can Learn from Great Preachers
Preaching and facilitating discussions are different, but there are principles to share.
Shake It Up!
Shake It Up!
Easy ways to energize your group meetings is a ministry of Leadership Journal:
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