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Multigenerational Small GroupsTraining Theme

Multigenerational Small Groups

Engaging multiple generations in one group

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Multigenerational groups give a true picture of the church, but our differences can sometimes be difficult to manage. This Training Theme will help you train leaders in the differences in the generations and in how to engage everyone in their group. Use this resource in coaching relationships, at your next leadership training meeting, or at your next training retreat. Included is a day-long retreat plan.

For a free sample from this resource, read Practical Ideas to Engage Multigenerational Groups.

Leader's Guide


Ministering Across Generational Lines
What it takes to be truly multigenerational
By John Ortberg


Determine Your Ministry Age
Do your assumptions about leadership reflect the values of your generation?
By Jimmy Long

Are You Listening to Group Members?
Take time to practice the fine art of listening to understand others.
By David Ping

Case Study

Stepping Over the Gap
How churches are connecting young and old
By Erik Johnson

Generational Information

Seniors in Small Groups
An enriching small-group experience takes listening and understanding.
By Lee A. Dean

Baby Boomers: A Complex Generation
How small-group leaders can minister to the Sandwich Generation
By Pat J. Sikora

The Gospel for Generation X
Understand the baby busters.
By Dieter Zander

The Next Next Generation
Born after 1980, the Millennials are optimistic and community-oriented.
By Jim Schmotzer

How-To Articles

Practical Ideas for Engaging Multigenerational Groups
From marketing well to engaging everyone
By Peri Gilbert

Practical Ways to Reach Everyone
A cheat sheet for multigenerational groups
Compiled by the editors of


Retreat Plan

Total number of pages - 33 pages

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

Topics:Fellowship, Group dynamics, Relationships, Spiritual growth, Unity
Date Added:November 19, 2012

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