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Darryl's Dilemma

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Darryl's Dilemma

All by Myself

Darryl's first small-group meeting is a little lonely.

Darryl's first small-group meeting is a little lonely. Read more …

It's the start of a new year in small-group ministry at Darryl's church. He's excited to start a new group that will study Philippians. He spent hours in prayer for the group, and he advertised in the small group brochure at church. Plus, he's been telling everyone he knows about the group. He's asked men, women, couples, college students, and anyone else who would listen to him talk about the group. A lot of people showed interest in the group, and seven people said they would definitely make it. Darryl even sent an e-mail to all the people he talked to, reminding them about the first meeting and explaining in great detail how to get to his apartment and where to park.

As the first meeting approached, Darryl began to feel anxious. Was he cut out for this? What if there were too many people to fit in his small apartment? What if people asked questions to which he didn't know the answers?

Despite his fears, he prepared some fun icebreaker activities for the first night, set up extra chairs in his living room, and even made brownies. To his surprise, he was done 20 minutes early. So he sat down to wait for his new group members, who would be arriving at 7:00 pm.

Darryl waited 20 minutes. Then another 20 minutes. Then 10 more minutes. At 7:30, he frantically checked his phone, thinking he must have missed some calls from potential group members. Then one person showed up—his friend, Steve, from down the street. Steve muttered something about running late because of a dinner meeting, and quickly sat down. Now Darryl had a new reason to feel anxious: only one person showed up.

What should Darryl do? Should he begin his group as planned or should he reschedule? Should he try contacting the other potential group members? If so, what should he say?

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