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At, we're always thinking of new ways to equip, support, and encourage small-group leaders and churches. That's why we are excited to present our newest resource: the Small Groups Digizine.

What is it?

The Small Groups Digizine is a free digital magazine designed specifically to bless and benefit small-group leaders and the churches that support them. Inside of each issue you'll find new interviews, articles, resource reviews, contests, and more—all written by experienced practitioners in small-groups ministry. You'll also find artwork and templates produced by the award-winning designers of Christianity Today.

Who's it for?

The Small Groups Digizine is for you, first and foremost. If you lead a small group, participate in a small group, or understand the value of discipleship and authentic community, then you'll enjoy the articles and resources packed into each issue.

The Small Groups Digizine is also for the other group leaders and participants within your church. If you serve as a pastor, coach, or ministry point person, you can give all of the group leaders in your church access to these resources at no cost to them, and no cost to you.

So pass it along!

Current Edition

Current Edition

The Meaning of Missional

Small groups: not just for ourselves, but for God's redemptive purposes


Current Edition


Solutions to common problems in small-group life

Worship in Community

Worship in Community

It's not just for Sunday morning anymore ….

Inspiration for Small-Group Leaders

Inspiration for Small-Group Leaders

Yes, leading a small group is challenging—but it's worth the effort.