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Top-Ten List

First Meeting

Top 10 things a leader doesn't want to hear at the first meeting.

 |  posted 8/12/2002

10. "When you say 'commitment', how much time are we talking about?"

9. "What's the difference between a Pre-millennial, tri-chotimist, Armenian and a Full gospel, post-trib, 3-point Calvinist?"

8. "We really feel bad about the way our last three leaders left."

7. Snoring.

6. "Meet my Rottweiler, Fang. He doesn't bite."

5. "Yes, I'd like to have prayers ...

Topics:Fellowship, Fun, Humor, Leadership, Meeting
References:Proverbs 17:22, Ecclesiastes 3:4
Date Added:August 12, 2002


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